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English Testimonial Video Event

Updated: Feb 9, 2019

Hi LifeDesigners!

We are giving out one bottle of TeloMind when you submit English Testimonial!

Please check the details below.

Submission Detail

How to create and share your testimonial:

  • Record your experience with TeloMind in English with your phone.

  • When recording, talk comfortably just like you are chatting with your friends.

  • When finished, please upload the file to Google Drive, Dropbox, Kakaotalk then share with

Testimonial Structure

  • Please state your name and city you are from.

  • Please state how many capsules you took per day and how long you have been taking TeloMind

  • Please describe before and after + Process of Getting Healthier

Words not allowed to use

  • Cure, heal, prevent, treat or any disease name.

Instead We encourage you to use these words:


Deadline by Feb 28, 2019 (For the next 3 weeks)

P.S. We highly encourage you to share this event with your family, friends and people around you!

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